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Following changes in the focus of the research carried out by the Research into Ageing Fund under Age UK, we held a ballot of our members and decided to change the charity we support from 2016 onwards to the British Society for Research on Ageing (BSRA) . Many thanks to the 73 members who returned their ballot papers. 66 supported the committee’s recommendation that we change our supported charity to the BSRA, and 7 voted against.

We are delighted that we are once again supporting a small charity with aims close to the hearts of our founding members.While the Society has a long and distinguished history as a scientific charity promoting research into understanding the causes and effects of the ageing process, it has only recently become a medical research charity raising money to fund its own projects We look forward to welcoming a representative from the charity at our AGM in April and hearing about their work.

The BSRA fund raising website is still being developed, and many of the links do not work, but I recommend the video titled 'Live Longer Live Well'. For a detailed history of the Society there is a long article on Wikipedia.

Andrew Watson - Founder of Seavets

Fitter and stronger for longer.
"Good health is vital for older people to live active, involved and fulfilled lives. Research into Ageing has a unique focus. We fund high quality research into the most common health problems affecting older people, including dementia, bone disease, would healing, stroke and circulatory problems. We also work with researchers and healthcare professionals to boost awareness of the potential of research to improve the quality of later life."

Making a difference.
"We believe that disease and disability are not inevitable as we get older. Research will improve understanding of how and why conditions develop and help to identify the best ways to stop or treat health problems that can erode older people's independence and dignity."

Research into the Genetics of Osteo-arthritis

An account by Seavets Chairman, Hugh Norris, on his wife Terry's involvement in a new Research into Ageing research project. Read it here..........

Last modified 23-Jan-2018