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Island Cruises and Informal Racing at Datchet

On Wednesdays, weather permitting, a group of Seavets usually meet at Datchet Water SC, aiming to have 4 informal races round the reservoirs buoys during the day. Further information from Richard Williams .

Richard also organises a series of island cruises. Depending on the weather these can be quite strenuous, but are more usually a gentle days cruising incorporating stops for lunch and tea. The distance covered in a day is typically some 20 miles. A raceboard is essential to ensure efficient beating, particularly in light wind conditions. The group sails without rescue cover and so takes all possible safety precautions.

Chichester Harbour Cruise, 15th May 2018

Mersea Island Cruise, August 2017

Hayling Island Cruise, August 2017

Isle of Sheppey, 25 July 2017

Poole Harbour Cruise, June 2017



Last modified 21-May-2018