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Seavets was formed in 1984 to promote windsurfing as an activity, convinced that an active life in middle age is most likely to lead to a healthier and so happier old age. Seavets has members from all over mainland Britain.

  • Promotes responsible and sociable windsurfing for the "not so young". Membership is open to those over 35 years old.
  • Organises racing and recreational events for members and encourages other organisers of windsurfing events to include categories and to award prizes for the "not so young".
  • Supports the registered charity Research Into Ageing.
  • Encourages members to become qualified through Royal Yachting Association approved courses.

From the beginning the club has been closely linked with the medical research charity Research Into Ageing Fund, which is now the research division of Age UK. Between £2,000 and 3,000 has been raised by Seavets each year for the last few years, and just short of 80,000 has been raised since 1986. Seavets is affiliated to the Royal Yachting Association.


Quiberon, 4th - 18th July. Safe journey to France, and happy holidays to our 30+ travelling Seavets, details here.

Upcoming Events
Whitwell 18th July - details. Racing on Saturday, social sailing Saturday and Sunday.
- Saturday evening meal at Harbour resturant, please with book with Maureen by 11th July
- We have been asked to request all visiting windsurfers to "clean, check and dry" their equipment prior to visiting Rutland Water, to avoid the spread of non native invasive species.

Bala 25th July - details. Racing on Saturday, Social sailing Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
- Saturday evening meal at Bala Sailing Club, please book with Ruth by 18th July, menu details.

.We are trying a new results system, so please let Ruth know what you think. Note that you can bring up the results for each event and for the whole series by way of the drop-down box in the centre at the top.

New to Racing - If you are interested in starting to race with Seavets then read this guide
Not interested in Racing? Check out our Social Sailing and Cruising activities here.

A new closed (Seavets Members only) group has been created on Facebook to provide a forum for members to exchange views, infomation, photos etc. Currently there are 32 members, if you want to join them let Derrick or Ruth know. You do have to be registered on Facebook in order to be invited to join the group.

Electronic Newsletter. We now offer members the option of receiving their newsletter in pdf format by email. If you would like to receive the electronic version instead of the printed form please email the editor, and then PLEASE remember to tell us if your email address changes. Links to all the recent newsletters, and an index to their contents can be reached by clicking on the e-Newsletter link in the lefthand menu column.

Please advise Derrick of any website problems, errors or if you wish to add additional content.

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