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Just checking you are all keeping alert. I expect many of you will be tiring of making sourdough, endless Zoom meetings, re-laying the patio and all the other activities we have felt the need to undertake whilst locked down and are starting to wonder when we will be back on the water. I have been watching the RYA website which is still (as of today, 13th May) advising a cautious approach in complying with the government guidance. It would seem that as long as we need to social distance it will be difficult to organise racing, but at the same time social sailing in some form could be alright as long as do not need rescuing. I also realise that because of our age profile many will need to take extra care and will want to continue self isolating for longer anyway. For those who are interested Richard Williams has been in touch with Datchet Water Sailing Club who are busy working on how they could open up. The tricky issue is rescue cover, but if they find an acceptable solution to that we may be able to go back there, albeit only with a loo but no showers in the first instance. So watch this space, look after yourselves and don't spend too long watching the news.

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