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A sociable week at Weymouth

A sociable week at Weymouth with mixed wind. On East Fleet Campsite we were Andy, Kerry, Joe and Owen plus myself and Dianne. Simon B joined us for the day on Thursday. Tuesday and Wednesday were warm and best for walks and bike rides.

Thursday a good cruising day with a trip over to Weymouth beach. Our initial landing by a cafe at the far end of the beach was cut short by a couple of lifeguards who told us about the no landing/no boats area so we had to shift along towards Overcombe for hot chocolate and cake. The trip back was pretty much a wobbly run to the harbour entrance where the northerly wind kicked in and we were able to plane back to base.

Friday saw stronger winds. I had only brought the raceboard so opted out but the other chaps provided the entertainment on the water. Joe did a very bold run straight out which ended with a faceplant and a hole in the sail he had just bought from Andy. Amazingly he did managed to water-start and safely return to shore. Well done Joe!

Thanks to Pat for organising the parking, and to Andy for hosting two very jolly BBQs at his caravan.

Steve Fletcher

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