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Alan Chick is offering his kit

Alan has reluctantly concluded it is time to part with his much loved windsurfing kit. If you are interested please contact him on the details below.

Windsurfing Kit List from Alan Chick 04/09/23

Here is a list of my windsurfing kit for sale, photos of each item are available. I am open to offers.

Contact details or 01442 246224 or 07905 088914.

I live in Hemel Hempstead.

1 x F2 Lightning World Cup Race Board

1 x Bic Salsa Board

1 x 460 2 part mast

1 x 490 2 part mast

1 x mast extension

1 x mast foot protector

1 x Freeride 175 – 220 boom with harness lines

1 x Dakine seat harness

1 x 6.5m Neil Pryde V8 Racer sail

1 x 7.4m Naish Kahola RS Race sail

1 x 7.5m Batwing race sail

1 x 6.4m Teltale slalom sail

1 x 6.5m Batwing Race sail

1 x 4.7m Lodey Fun System sail

1 x 5.5 m Gaastra Flow 1x sail

1 x 3.9m Gaastra CSI sail

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