Calshot - Cruising and Paddleboarding

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

A record turnout for recent years - 20 Seavets plus 6 of their wives/husbands/partners. 11 motorhomes, caravans and campervans filled our guest camping area - so much so that we have successfully negotiated to go onto at least part of the members-only campsite next year.

Monday saw 14+ knots of wind which had several Seavets blasting up and down the lagoon, and John Ellis trying out his foil. Jon Popkiss had offered a beginners SUP session which I took up, and was joined by another young lass (too young for Seavets). We had a tough introduction to the sport in the windy conditions which saw us whisked off downwind all too quickly if we were not careful.

Tuesday was even more windy, and those who sailed decided in the end that they were not enjoying the gusty conditions and packed up long before the tide emptied the lagoon. Peter and I walked along to checked the pub at Ashley Creek for the next day and picked loads of blackberries on the way back. It was a bit too chilly for barbecuing outside, but we managed to squeeze 10 into our tent to use our barbecue, and had a sociable evening.

Wednesday - Richard's cruising day, and Seavets first Pub Paddle, the aim being to all arrive at the pub for lunch at more or less the same time. Richard will provide a more detailed account later, but I can say that 9 of them launched from the beach and headed off towards Lepe, whereupon the wind almost died. We wondered how long it would take them to get back. 4 Seavets on paddle boards and 1 in a kayak, set off under the supervision of Jon Popkiss (also a Seavets member) into somewhat challenging conditions - the northerly wind was decidedly chilly and made for slightly lumpy waters.

It was hard work until we got past the old power station, then made our way carefully through the marshy shallows, only possible at the height of a spring tide. Kevin took a tumble into the muddy waters, but we all made it into the channel to be overtaken by the first of the windsurfing cruisers on the way up to the pub. So 15 of us sat down for lunch together, before setting off back to Calshot - the windsurfers disappearing into the distance while we negotiated the shallows again


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