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December Cycle Ride - apologies for delayed post

On an Thursday early in December 10 hardy Seavets met up for our annual Xmas bike tour of Windsor. Present were Andy Lacy, Alan Jackson, Adrian Brearley, Brian Tilbury, David Kinnerley, Kerry Hastings, John Ellis, Russ Canning, Steve Fletcher and myself.

We met at the usual Palmer Arms in Dorney and were met by the sight of 25 cyclists from the Chiltern society who were having their Xmas ride, doing much the same route as us but in the opposite direction. As in previous years we rode along the Jubilee river and across Eton playing fields before stopping in Windsor for the traditional coffee and mince pies.

We were now starting to thaw out after a chilly start as we made our way alongside the Thames towards Dorney lake and after a quick spin around the Olympic rowing lake we made our way towards Bray lake. At this point two of the peloton went missing and a search party was dispatched, they were soon located and the offending puncture temporally fixed.

On arriving at Bray Adrian decided his temporary fix wouldn't last and replaced the tube. I realised I had a flat as well so we carried out a tube changing masterclass, while everyone else enjoyed another coffee as they were given a preview of a new one design sail.


Due to the puncture delay the extra loop to the ride was abandoned and we headed back via the Jubilee river to the pub. We arrived back just before the allotted 1.30 and despite the pub being full with two large cycle groups our pre-ordered lunch was served up the moment we sat down and I think was enjoyed by all.


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