2018 Racing Series ends- Update

Update: Andy presented Alan with his Supervet trophy - in the pub, by the look of it! See photo below.

With a forecast of 20 - 25 mph winds, gusting to over 40mph, our event at Hollowell was once again, reluctantly cancelled. The event had already been postponed to October after a similar, but much colder forecast in March.

So our 2018 series has come to an end, sadly without the traditional presentation of trophies to the winners of each class. That will have to wait for an alternative date, but in the meantime our congratulations go to:

Alan Jackson, winner overall and 1st Supervet - RIA Challenge Cup

Andy Lacy, 2nd overall and 1st Megavet - Dennis Heywood Cup

Russ Towns, 1st Octovet - Andrew Watson Cup

The full results can be seen on the racing page.

Andy presenting Alan with his trophy

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