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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

I have checked the websites of all our host clubs/venues. All the sailing clubs are open to members only for recreational sailing, none are holding racing, so at present there seems to be no likelihood of Seavets holding any racing events in the foreseeable future.

Calshot is open for launching and their toilets are open.

It is possible to launch into Portland Harbour from the Ferry Bridge Marine carpark.

Car parks in Poole are also open.

Day launching is available at Whitwell, and their toilets are open.

At Brogborough day launches are available for both windsurfing and SUP subject to booking in at least one day before arrival and payment made online.

It would appear that Whitwell and Brogborough are the only inland options for anyone who is not a sailing club member.

So, if you can get out on the water have fun, take care and stay safe!

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