Windy day at Grafham

As predicted, the wind blew it's socks off, and contrary to predictions built steadily during the afternoon. The anemometer on the committee boat recorded a gust of 26 knots, and an average of 20 knots during the last race.

8 Seavets had signed on, but the fleet slowly diminished as the day wore on. Andy Lacy loved the conditions and prevailed overall, Steve Fletcher came second twice in the morning, but failed to start either of the afternoon races. Steve Sugden on his formula board sailed twice as far as the others on their race boards, and in the end changed down to a slalom board for some fun sailing at the end of the day.

The Race Officer made a mess of the final start, as a result of which Andy thought the race had been abandoned, and was subsequently given redress of 3rd place - my humble apologies.

Ruth Tracey

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