Russell remembered from across the Pond

Greetings from the USA,

I would like to reach the family of Russell Polden. I was deeply sorry to learn of his passing. In past years, I have been trying to reach him, but I did not have a clue where to begin. My daughter Kelly who now lives with her own family in London, helped me connect to this website.

Russell Polden, if he is the same individual who passed, loaned me his motorcycle "Sue" that he had traveled around the world on, to allow me to go on a motorcycle trip during summer holiday when I was a very young man in 1964. I later received a letter from Mr. Polden, but unfortunately I misplaced it. I had connected with Russell through my late father, Aled P. Davies, a Welshman whom Russell knew and had great affection for and he later entertained my father and myself on the same trip whilst in London.

I would like to express my deepest condolences to the family of Russell Polden. When I was serving in the US Marines, Russell sent me his Royal Marine Medal as an expression of friendship, affection and respect. Can you help me connect to his widow Barbara or members of his family to see if I am connecting to the right family? I live with my own family on a 50-acre walnut tree plantation in Northwest Indiana. Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Polden at our farm, but I would like to connect with his family and express my deepest affection for Russell as an inspiration and hero in my life.

John Davies

The photograph of Russell below explains why his motorbike was calle "Sue"


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