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Sunny Day at Barnt Green

12 Seavets and 3 Midlands Region sailors gathered at Barnt Green Sailing Club on 1st June. After a year with the lake bone dry in 2018, the sailing club was delighted to welcome the windsurfers for their first Open event since September 2017. The club Commodore, Ollie Ridgway, was our Race Officer for the day. The sun shone, mostly, and the wind blew, somewhat variably at times, but sufficient to provide some good racing.

We were pleased to welcome new member Graham Shepherd and to sign up local sailor George Higgins to the fleet.

The order in the first race was mixed up for a while when some of the front runners rounded the wrong buoy and had to go back. The Midlands sailors with their larger sails were inevitably at the front of the fleet all day. In the Seavets fleet honours were shared between three - Chris Pack and Andy Lacy each won one race, Russ won the other two but was over the line in the first race and missed a buoy in another, so came 3rd overall, tied on points with Mike Playle and Tony Goodwin. Chris pipped Andy to win by one point. Further down the fleet another 3 were tied on 24 points. (Tie breaks are broken by counting back the lowest scores.)

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