Windsor and Eton Cycle Ride

On a cool and overcast but dry day in mid December nine Seavets met at the Palmer Arms, Dorney for our annual pre-Christmas bike ride; John Ellis, Brian Tilbury, Dave Kinnerley, Steve Fletcher, Brian Shipway, Jim West, Alan Chick, Andy Lacy and myself. After placing our lunch orders we started off just after 10.30 and headed east along the well surfaced track that runs alongside the Jubilee river towards Eton. There we crossed the famous playing fields and emerged through the college entrance onto the high street. After 4.5 miles we stopped on the bridge over the Thames for a surprise (to some) mince pie and mulled cider treat. As we posed for a photo the majority were wearing yellow jackets and it looked as though the recent protests in Paris had migrated to Windsor.

Mince Pies and Mulled Cider on Eton bridge

After this pleasant break we mounted up again and skirted the Castle to join the Thames path heading west towards Dorney. Here we did a lap of the 2,000 metre long Olympic rowing lake before crossing the Thames again for our annual visit to Bray Lake Watersports for a coffee and catch up with our old friend, Simon Frost. Finally we headed towards Bray Village and crossed the Thames yet again before re-joining the Jubilee river for the last couple of miles back to the pub.

We arrived back just after 1.30 having covered 12.8 miles according to Alan's tracker or 13.00 on Andy's. The pub had our table ready before the allotted 2pm and our lunch was served promptly and, I think, enjoyed by all.

Richard Williams

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