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About Seavets

Seavets was formed in 1984 to promote windsurfing as an activity, convinced that an active life in middle age is most likely to lead to a healthier and so happier old age. Senior and Veteran Windsurfers Association

  • Promotes responsible and sociable windsurfing for the "not so young". Membership is open to those over 35 years old.

  • Organises racing and recreational events for members and encourages other organisers of windsurfing events to include categories and to award prizes for the "not so young". 

  • Supports the registered charity the British Society for Research on Ageing.

  • Encourages members to become qualified through Royal Yachting Association approved courses.

From the beginning in 1983 the club was closely linked with the medical research charity Research Into Ageing (RiA) which was merged with Help the Aged in 2001 and later with Age UK. Between £2,000 and £3,000 has been raised by Seavets each year for the last few years, and about £80,000 has been donated to RiA since 1986. 
Following a change in research policy by Age UK Seavets members decided to change our supported charity to the British Society for Research on Ageing, taking effect from the beginning of 2016.


Russ Canning at Farmoor

Russ Canning at Farmoor

Seavets is affiliated to the Royal Yachting Association

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