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Website Membership Registration Guidance

If you would like to print this out for reference click here.

In order to access the Members only pages you will need to sign up and then log in.

1.  Click on the button at the top right under the menu bar.

2.  You will be presented with a Log In page.

3.  Under the Headline "Log In" it says "New to the site? Sign up".

4.  Click on Sign Up. On the next page enter your email address and choose a password. I will not have access to your password.

5.  Click the blue Sign Up button.

6.  I will receive an email asking for my approval. If you are a Seavets member I will approve your registration. I can do this from my mobile phone or tablet, so there should be no delay even if I am away from home.

NB: If your email address gives no clues as to your identity and/or is not the one which we have on our membership records, please drop me a message to say who your are!

7.  You will receive an email notification and you can then go back to the site click the button, top right, and Log In. 

8.  Once logged in your name will appear in the log in/sign up button at the top right. If you do not log out at the end of a session the system will remember and you will remain logged in the next time you visit the site.

9.  Click on the little arrow pointing down next to your name in the Log-In Button and then Profile. On the left is a box with an edit button and you can edit your name from the default one extracted from your email address to something we can all understand. You can also add a photo if you like - helpful to those who have trouble putting names to faces!

Picture of Log In page - not the real thing!

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