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Weymouth is not far away.

We look forward to meeting up again in Portland Harbour form 19th - 21st September. Pat Terry has organised a meal at the Marquis of Granby on September 21st and needs to have your confirmation and orders by Monday 12th September.

All details on the Weymouth page.

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Update from the BSRA

We have just received the above report from the BSRA which summaries their 2023 activities and mentions Seavets support, Steve


Update from Andy Lacy:

If you are booking camping at East Fleet and want to be close to each other you need to ask to be in the Stable Block Field (Field F) close to Andy and Joe who are on pitches 341 and 342. A lady called Ellie was helpful in fixing this. Phone number is 0333 242 9852 (off website) or one from Google which may get through direct is 01305 785 768.

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