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A very sociable Calshot trip

Eleven Seavets made it to the Calshot trip and stayed overnight with four more making it for the cruise to Ashlett Creek on the Thursday. The sunset on the Tuesday for the first BBQ was beautiful but a little chilly once the sun set. Dryrobes were the garment of choice. Good sailing in the lagoon on Tuesday and Friday.

On the Wednesday, light winds and the World Cup semi meant a plan for a pub lunch and bike ride, although in the end most returned to base to get the end of the match. Joe was determined to sail up to Ashlett Creek despite the near absence of wind and in the end he and Joe both made it there and back without difficulty. They managed to book the pub for an evening meal for the campers.

By contrast for the cruise on the Thursday the concern was too much wind from the wrong direction (SE) meant we chose not to venture to Lepe but stayed in the lagoon with a mini cruise to the Jolly Sailor. In the end the wind was fairly benign and all made it the pub without difficulty. However the swirling gusts led to the traditional mayhem as we tried to leave. There was still plenty of wind and water when back at base so there was the fine site of a dozen or so Seavets blasting up and down on their raceboards for half and hour or more.

Karin Staub=Leigh came down to see us and there are loads of photos on the Seavets facebook page. Thanks to Richard for organising another great trip and cruise,

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