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Best wind all season? - 19th August

... but for the Seavets Farmoor events this year that is a very low bar! Five sailors (Andy, Joe, Steve, Dave, John) arrived in warm sunshine and a promising breeze. Course setting was easy in principle but complicated by the number of juniors and holiday activities on the water - every useful windward mark was part of another race. Undeterred we set off on the first race. I was first to the mark and had a quick chat with the very nice chap running the juniors dinghy training session who asked his course to let us through. Unusually I managed to hang on to the lead and won the first race pursued by Andy and Dave. Thereafter Andy was in pole position for all subsequent races on a high profile Demon sail which required a 5.6m mast, giving him access to the stronger winds at that height. Richard joined us at lunchtime and took over from Dave as the man to chase Andy round. With four races completed Dave was getting bored so suggested the fifth race should be a complete circumnavigation of the lake going round all the perimeter buoys. The wind held up at a gentle 8 knots or so for most of the day, which the occasional gusts, lulls and 60 degree shifts but it enabled us to complete 5 races. The results are below:

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