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Calshot - Richard's report

On Tuesday 15th August eleven Seavets met at Calshot for our annual camping week - Simon, John E, Joe, Steve, Andy, Kerry, Tony and Lorraine Goodwin, Maurice and Barbara Humberstone plus myself.

After a bit of a delay while the centre carefully measured out our pitch sizes, most of us rigged up and made the most of the wind and sunshine while there was enough water in the lagoon. Later after setting up camp we enjoyed a BBQ on a nice if a bit chilly evening.

There was little wind forecast for Wed but warm sunshine, so most of us headed out for a morning bike ride led by Steve. This was a pleasant 15 miles through the New Forest before stopping off at the pub in Fawley to catch the ladies world cup semi final.

After lunch Joe and I, against expectations, managed to sail up to Ashlett creek. The wind was light but we managed to get there and back without problem, and while there we booked a table for 9 of us to return for an evening meal at the Jolly Sailor. This turned out to be a great success as most of us ordered venison steak, cooked by ourselves at the table on hot lava rock, delicious!

On returning by bike to camp we checked the forecast for Thursdays cruise and, as suspected, the conditions on the Solent meant the Lepe leg of the trip would be too risky due to fresh wind and lumpy water. Those coming for the day were alerted but all 4 chose to come anyway as the Ashlett leg was still possible.

Thursday dawned to another day of blue sky and a fresh blustery SE wind. The campers were joined by day sailors John C, Nick R and Dave’s G and R. 12 of us launched for a fast downwind blast to Ashlett, and the port tack on a broad reach was great as we surfed down the rollers towards the creek entrance. After stowing our kit neatly on the slipway most of us enjoyed the traditional fish and chip lunch.

Launching again was as interesting as ever with the wind coming from all directions. Some paddled out while others went to the end of the jetty and the rest just took a chance and pumped out, I was last off and enjoyed the spectacle along with some amused locals.

Once clear of the creek it was a straightforward beat back to base, and on approaching the lagoon the wind seemed to pick up a notch so we spent the rest of the afternoon blasting around.

In the evening we had another BBQ and watched the sunset while toasting another successful trip with a whisky nightcap.

Richard Williams

PS: Lots more photos on our Facebook group page

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