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Farmoor Racing 29th April

We started the day in lovely sunshine and a light but chilly northerly breeze. Ten sailors arrived including Dave Gilchrist who had made it all the way from Weymouth. Traffic on the route from Hayling Island prevented Bill Keeling from joining us. Today was a "wet run" to see how it would work for us at Farmoor. Organisation was very much a team effort, with Joe doing some mapping, Andy and Kerry planning the racing with admin support from Richard and myself. Kerry gave us a briefing on the arrangement of buoys on the lake, and the box course he had set to keep the course short enough to complete 3 laps in about 30 mins in the light winds. Apart from the usual suspects we welcomed Owen Dimond to his first ever race event, and Simon to his second. The gate starts all worked well, and the first race was won by Dave Gilchrist despite extending his route to the windward mark by taking the scenic route round a buoy not on the course. Nick Kidd was in close pursuit.

Lunch was taken outside the Waterside Cafe and coincided with a drop in the wind (see photos), but it picked up just enough to persuade us to go out again for race 3. Race 4 suffered from the wind dying completely. Some completed 1 lap, some determined people including Joe and Simon did 2, and some not even 1. The results are below - overall winner was Nick, with Dave second but on equal points. Sailing particularly well was Richard who came third - his main panel split in the morning, and the afternoon races were completed on his high wind sail. Overall a very successful trial event which we intend now to continue through the rest of the season.

Farmoor Series Seavets 7.8m Event 1 29th April 2021

Sail No Name Disc Total

1 1133 Nick Kidd Supervet 2 1 2 1 2 4

2 765 Dave Gilchrist Megavet 1 5 1 2 5 4

3 623 Richard Williams Megav 3 3 5 7 7 11

4 938 Andy Lacy Megavet 5 4 3 6 6 12

5 985 Tony Goodwin Megavet 4 2 6 DNS11 12

6 226 Joe Coulson Octovet 8 6 4 3 8 13

7 881 Kerry HastingsSupervet 8 8 7 4 8 19

8 7940 Steve Fletcher Megavet 7 7 8 DNF 11 22

9 922 Simon Barker Supervet 9 9 10 5 10 23

10 379 Owen Dimond Supervet 10 10 9 DNF 11 29

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