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Hayling in sun AND wind

Report from Richard. Photos from Barbara Lewis on facebook.

Hi All

We had another successful cruise this week with a bumper turnout of 13 for the Hayling cruise, those sailing were Joe, Dave R, John C, Maurice, Andy, Kerry, Dave G, James, Nick R, Simon, John E, first time cruiser Bill Keeling and myself. The omens were good as we rigged up on a lovely bright and breezy morning and were treated to an aerobatic display by a WW2 Spitfire. Setting sail at 11.15 after a briefing and buddying up into pairs we made our way East along the seafront with a gusty offshore wind, as we approached the Chichester harbour entrance there was the usual washing machine effect, which was negotiated by all and after stopping at HISC to regroup realised after a couple of phone calls that some had overshot and were on their way to the bridge, the rest of us then had a beat up the channel before turning West on a broad reach to the Ship Inn at Langstone bridge to reunite with the whole group.

After a very nice fish and chip lunch pre ordered by John we set sail again and found it fairly easy to negotiate the bridge, the wind had eased a bit as we made our way on a run into the wide expanse of Langstone harbour, after a while though the wind picked up again and we had a series of broad reaches all the way to the Ferry, the last bit was a bit tricky with a wind shadow from the pub, and the occupants were treated to some splashdowns on the final approach.

We rewarded ourselves to an ice cream here before the final leg East along the seafront on a beat again with a gusty offshore wind, it was difficult to pick out our landing point as there are no landmarks at the car park and some overshot, but all landing safely at 16.30 if a bit weary after what had been a great but exhausting day on the water.


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