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Sun, dolphins and great walking weather at Weymouth

A small but select band made it to Weymouth this year, others perhaps put off by the lack of wind in the forecast or maybe exhausted by their experience at Calshot. Joe, Andy and Linda arrived at East Fleet on Monday to be joined by myself and Dianne on the Tuesday. Pat and John were already esconced in the normal car park spot although they can no longer overnight there. Joe who ventured out on both Monday

and Tuesday reported a sighting of the dolphins, much to the annoyance of Pat who has yet to spot them despite spending a large amount of time afloat in the harbour. Walks along the Fleet and short bike rides were the alternative forms of entertainment given the lack of wind but plenty of sunshine. Wednesday was the same again so Dianne, Joe and I set off to walk round Portland with stunning views all round. Joe added to his butterfly spotting records and we spotted a peregrine falcon perched high on the cliffs on the east side near the Young Offenders Institution. Andy, Linda and Darcy met us at the Lobster Pot cafe near the Bill. In the evening we all up met with Dave and Jean Gilchrist at the Marquis of Granby for an excellent meal with very generous but well prepared portions - thanks to Pat for organising.

Thursday promised a southerly breeze of around 12 mph so we rigged up for a possible cruise over to Weymouth and Overcombe. Reaching the harbour entrance without problem we decided we did not fancy a 2 mile run in still lightish winds so cut back inside theharbour for a cup of coffee at the cafe above Castle Cove. From there it was a beat up to the Sailing Centre where we landed and had a chat with Brian (?) who was training on the new Olympic foiling kit (Starboard board, Severne Sails). After that we free sailed in the harbour with another sighting by myself of the dolphins and a sighting by all of us of Pat out on her short board and 7m Demon Windspeed. Then home apart from Joe who stayed another night.

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