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Sunny Poole

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The weather was great for Poole week as 5 of us arrived on Monday. Simon and I sailed from Lake Pier and Andy, Joe and Kerry went for a bike ride and we then had a BBQ in the evening at the Huntick farm campsite.

Tuesday was cruise day and all the campers headed to Lake pier for breakfast on the beach. The sun was shining and there was already a nice breeze as we were joined by day sailors Dave R, Martin, Owen and John E, plus Nick R and Maurice & Barbara who were joining the campers that night.


The forecast was for an 11mph NE wind all day and as we set off at 11.00 we were optimistic of a perfect day’s cruising. The run down to Giggers island was completed half an hour ahead of schedule and we all rounded without problem. It was then a beat back upwind to the lunch stop at Shipstal Point, landing still half an hour early at 12.30. For various reasons some had found it more difficult and 2 had returned to base and were in contact by phone. Some others arrived after a while with designated back marker Andy.

Picnic lunch on the beach

After a pleasant lunch stop we set sail a bit later than intended due to the delays and found that a sea breeze had kicked in and the 11 mph NE wind had turned into a light and patchy southerly. This meant another beat through the islands and another 3 decided to head back to base, which left 6 of us who were determined to reach Shell Bay. This took twice as long as predicted and after a short break we set sail again to round Brownsea island and a run back to base. Unfortunately due to the earlier delays and slow progress after lunch, the tide was now running out strongly and on reaching the NE corner of the island we were making no progress at all. Sfter a quick consultation between us we put plan B in operation and headed across the tidal flow to land at Sandbanks.

With some great Seavets teamwork Nick, Owen and Martin, who had headed back earlier, drove round and ferried us and our kit back to base, arriving there at 6.30. It had been a long and frustrating day on the water and had the sea breeze not cancelled out the prevailing wind we would have had perfect conditions, but the forecast doesn’t include that information.

Lunch at Sandbanks

The next day the remaining 6 of us still camping enjoyed a lovely sail to Sandbanks for lunch. This time the NE 11/12 mph winds and sunshine stayed with us all day and we had a nice beat up there and a great run/broad reach back, calling in at Hamworthy for an ice cream on the way. On leaving there the wind picked up a notch and we took off in formation at high speed from the beach, leaving some open-mouthed sunbathers suitably impressed. This went some way to make up for the previous day’s disappointment.

Lake Pier to Sandbank Beach and back

We then rounded off our stay with a bike ride to the local pub for a restaurant quality meal. Thursday morning, we packed up and headed for home, except Joe who stayed on for another day's windsurfing.

Richard Williams

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